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Solved! 10x1:17619, diff 5, Have fun!Nov 29 14:39Bonnard+med1642803
really different coversNov 29 13:22malrTNmountainman80
Retention rateNov 28 16:30KeenaFlyingApple17
Does anyone know?Nov 25 00:36pipsterjoeygray8
cards not appearingNov 24 22:53lambchopPunster1
Indy Music in CommercialsNov 23 23:50BuzzClikBuzzClik51
Just beat a previously unbeaten game!Nov 23 19:50JackK2017Turpin8273
Kiva helping fill in missing countriesNov 22 22:27malrSnowguy2
tough draw for 10x2 streakingNov 19 19:13FlyingAppleix2
Best Rock n Roll Song by NationalityNov 19 10:08KaosBuzzClik13
My StoryNov 18 07:53sisususiTurpin82715
Big, big, BIG (science) newsNov 18 03:01TNmountainmanTNmountainman72
More, different BIG science newsNov 17 14:11TNmountainmanBonnard+me33
What's your favorite variant? And why?Nov 17 01:26free@lastBonnard+me22
Here is a fun one!, Yes: 10x1Nov 16 15:12Bonnard+meBonnard+me4
List of Players with the most top 5 best streaks.Nov 14 18:22TitanicTonyTurpin8272
Use of CardsNov 14 08:12grgaT1-T357
BRAGGING ! ! !Nov 11 11:43TitanicTonyTNmountainman141
Just as a reality check, please enjoy (yup, another music thread)Nov 7 05:27outskirtsoutskirts1
charity giving 2017Nov 6 23:58DennyTNmountainman9
Hey Denny, problem status..Nov 6 03:51PunsterTitanicTony11
threat 6x5 25001-9Nov 5 20:58deadwingMastermind4
level of difficulty (LOD)Nov 5 17:18michaelcSnowguy10
crazy baseball occurrenceNov 3 00:26TNmountainmanTNmountainman68
Pop up adsNov 1 21:18SMIDDYSMIDDY0
Most impressive streak that goes under the radarOct 30 10:34jamesblackbur...jamesblackbur...13
trouble with drag and dropOct 30 10:26MartyPunster4
Buttons missing on the "You Lose" ScreenOct 27 16:58calicokidcalicokid1
Ratios...Oct 26 23:08mindmeldBuzzClik1
Standard TallyOct 23 21:181TreeTNmountainman3
Starting over with 0 in the same game, dozens of timesOct 20 22:41BigflarePunster12
I am a proud CanadianOct 19 19:48SMIDDYolblue2
Book recommendationsOct 19 03:03Dr.BombayTNmountainman6
go bears!Oct 18 13:55damgudLos_Angeles_Rams20
"Winnable Challenge" thread revived?Oct 18 03:32TNmountainmanTitanicTony151
How is Ave Streak calculatedOct 17 19:02jamesblackbur...CubicSprock4
winnable solitaireOct 13 13:22Dokmokmcellar1
Trips backOct 12 22:01SnowguySnowguy16
tournament stuckOct 12 19:53hibdibblyabobCrunch2
Impossible GamesOct 12 10:22PlckahunaTNmountainman13
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