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Masters 8x2 24247-10Aug 6 21:19kangarooDr.Bombay10
Difficulty ratings??Aug 3 19:42KirkybKirkyb3
StreaksAug 1 13:50gdbcpaPunster3
Players being lost (deleted) from the stat pages???Jul 31 13:03TitanicTonyTitanicTony6
Finding my dad the version he came to loveJul 26 17:23notreallygoodbutPunster7
How does one STOP playing this simple game?Jul 26 06:26rebbacchusGoosey_Goosey...10
Scrambled cards when starting a new game.Jul 22 00:59teacher93teacher930
Zander RIPJul 21 17:31DennyBonnard+me12
how many sub 50 in a row challengeJul 21 11:53ixBonnard+me7
AdvertisementJul 21 11:08ImGaininImGainin0
"Winnable Challenge" thread revived?Jul 17 13:36TNmountainmanTitanicTony147
Big, big, BIG (science) newsJul 17 03:06TNmountainmanTNmountainman63
log in errorJul 15 15:09katlourickatlouric0
SolitaireJul 13 01:47jojo54nogbad2
Rockin me some 9x2sJul 7 19:23DennyThe_Interpreter6
PremiumJul 4 22:32emtgingerbcsi3
Attn: free@last 5x6 & 5x7 unwin countJul 4 12:56CubicSprockfree@last1
Steaks - no one likes stopping on 9'sJul 2 01:00runner15TNmountainman9
premium user still getting adsJul 1 17:22LadyMCHTNmountainman4
Problem Registering for Premium--Attn DennyJul 1 15:13JavaGuyJavaGuy3
changed to PremiumJun 28 17:10lightfieldlightfield0
macbook display truncated on borrowJun 28 11:22oldestgeekhm15
MOTF: For Premium Users Ending In JuneJun 26 17:13CubicSprockCubicSprock24
Interesting New MusicJun 25 16:12BuzzClikTNmountainman323
netflixJun 23 15:35ixix18
Thank you SK...Jun 21 13:09joeygrayix4
how games are ratedJun 15 21:51EddLindyhopper_A...4
10,000 tournament winsJun 14 22:07kenwabyronsmoot7
scoresJun 14 03:46dlake1nogbad1
For-Life?Jun 13 18:36lotusblossomRogerB1
Recent sports odditiesJun 10 03:57SnowguyTNmountainman91
Somewhere In TimeJun 9 01:27SongcutterTNmountainman12
Sgt. Pepper at 50Jun 9 01:00Dr.BombayTNmountainman4
who is el_conquistador?Jun 5 00:09KaosKaos2
Sorry, maintenance happening. One more reboot....Jun 4 22:29mckyj571kenwa2
Those little plastic fasteners on bread bagsJun 4 17:03outskirtssking3
Freecell get togetherJun 4 04:48retiredk9edTitanicTony1
List of Players with the most top 5 best streaks.Jun 2 09:23TitanicTonyTitanicTony1
Premium sign up problemJun 1 09:52kudosPunster1
Premium for lifeMay 31 11:44Dennyemtgingerb34
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