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All the DB threads are showing as not read.May 5 14:15TitanicTonyjoeygray8
Master of Winnables -- 2018.May 5 11:35TitanicTonyTitanicTonys_...13
Playing other than 4 x 6May 3 16:40corpmomMikeC1
10x1 2370-5May 2 09:46kangarookangaroo0
game statsMay 1 14:43gdwraggTNmountainman4
Hopdiridiri is back!May 1 02:22jamesblackbur...TNmountainman9
game selectionApr 30 16:44ron001MikeC1
SSL and security stuffApr 30 13:06Dennyix24
macbook display truncated on borrowApr 27 08:37oldestgeekyardsaler116
Book suggestions?Apr 27 01:07hotnurseoutskirts92
Recent sports odditiesApr 23 15:42SnowguyTNmountainman111
New All-Time 6x6 streak recordApr 22 17:43TNmountainmanix12
Political Commentary in User NamesApr 21 23:12Rocky1joeygray7
guttedApr 20 11:10valleyboyColt_McCoy5
30036Apr 19 11:56JCSyskElGuapo1
Tom Petty songsApr 18 14:59outskirtsoutskirts20
for tn, mostlyApr 18 13:38ixoutskirts15
first to solveApr 16 18:11ixix2
Jamie Moyer of...Apr 16 16:26!_--FAST-ISHA...Snowguy69
Wish to meet fellow-player friend(s).Apr 14 09:11Mastermindshorebird8
memoriesApr 12 19:25quackisbackquackisback12
11111Apr 12 17:55kenwaCubicSprock2
Uncle!Apr 3 23:40free@lastMastermind5
Counterfeit money for saleApr 2 05:39presiconnectoutskirts16
adsMar 29 19:21lightfieldlightfield0
12 sun streak rankingsMar 24 02:51joeygrayTNmountainman5
Congratulations, rosebuddyMar 23 13:21Modderrhuoutskirts21
Wierd Login / Browser ProblemsMar 23 11:31WitchhazelWitchhazel0
Does Anyone know what happened to No-Abuse P & rMar 21 23:15ejchapSnowguy20
No, Kaos.......Mar 19 19:33MastermindPapaRatzi5
super quickieMar 18 22:50rickkrrCubicSprock4
how does replay game workMar 17 17:38otdsmith#otdsmith#0
BEST QUALITY COUNTERFEIT MONEY-marioskid90@gmail.com-Mar 16 23:31blaisedanieloutskirts9
Big, big, BIG (science) newsMar 16 09:38TNmountainmanBuzzClik76
netflixMar 13 08:55ixbyronsmoot26
Overrated UnderatedMar 12 00:33Dr.BombayDr.Bombay14
Another fun 11x0Mar 9 14:52TNmountainmanTNmountainman20
My approach.Mar 9 14:11DerbymanDipper8
Streak not updatingMar 7 14:29CantabCantab1
Challenging 6x5Mar 6 13:49free@lastbyronsmoot4
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