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Favorite CoversOct 29 09:41BuzzClikTurpin82764
Tournaments as head-to-headOct 27 11:00joeygrayTNmountainman8
A difficult w10x1 game.Oct 25 17:18TitanicTonyTitanicTony5
jonnieboy's 4Oct 25 13:04joeygrayjoeygray5
HopdiOct 25 01:50joeygrayHopDiriDiriDa...2
12-sum Competition Scores ased on best-streaks.Oct 22 14:33TitanicTonyTurpin8273
Hurricane MichaelOct 22 13:38Lucky13Lucky130
Making the Game BetterOct 21 14:03The_InterpreterThe_Interpreter7
Weird stats...Oct 21 09:15TitanicTonyTitanicTony0
Why is this account not secure? Pls.Oct 20 20:29Magpie27Magpie270
Paul McCartneyOct 20 00:24Dr.Bombayjulia11
vavava and 12X0Oct 10 23:46jamesblackbur...jamesblackbur...26
Unwinnable 12X0 ??Oct 9 15:04PunsterTurpin82724
Recent sports odditiesOct 8 10:36SnowguyTurpin827121
Game freezeOct 5 12:30usdolljoeygray2
Statistical anomaly in baseballOct 5 00:58SnowguyTNmountainman230
Strang/weird games.Oct 3 08:24TitanicTonyTitanicTony0
AllTime scoresOct 3 04:10HopDiriDiriDa...TitanicTony8
Fastest Times and Fewest MovesSep 30 13:58Rick007Kaos4
Journey/Def LeppardSep 30 11:20Dennyhotnurse34
Did the Game Change?Sep 29 15:34rico1950amc10
someone else?Sep 29 12:26DennyKlepp6
old musicSep 26 15:35xeenaoutskirts199
Best Rock n Roll Song by NationalitySep 26 05:59Kaosbingbong29
killer 6x5Sep 24 14:21free@lastTitanicTony8
Hate, hate, hate. Has something changed?Sep 24 07:35Goosey_Goosey...Goosey_Goosey...0
Christopher Robin (Winnie the Pooh) movieSep 23 00:04DennyHeyFatLady7
Stream of Consciousness: a thread that cannot be hijackedSep 22 13:24BuzzClikThe_Interpreter260
More, different BIG science newsSep 21 13:52TNmountainmanTNmountainman38
9x3 vs 7x5Sep 20 23:04JackK2018TNmountainman8
WinsSep 17 02:56frogger75HopDiriDiriDa...8
my own version of freecellSep 16 15:40ffej2ffejffej2ffej0
A sad post.Sep 16 13:37olblueColt_McCoy10
Asterisk in chatSep 15 13:35Buttock-Wrencholblue2
New game, just for chuckles?Sep 13 09:23Snowguypoptart52
NFL games on the Internet?Sep 12 14:48Dennyrws3331518
unwinnable game?Sep 11 21:55KC66Punster6
This is a tough one!Sep 11 13:08TNmountainmanTurpin8275
Indy Music in CommercialsSep 9 12:09BuzzClikBuzzClik57
Disappearing streakSep 6 09:50ElbeTNmountainman4
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