avoiding take-over ads

Read the thing linked in the left menu (on all pages except this one)as “ads” (or click on that link I just provided). It will take you a few seconds of heavy duty clicking to disable Flash but likely that is still less time than it would take you to post to the Discussion Board about the personal horrorof take-over ads and how they’ve made your life unbearable.

Oh, and please read all 4 paragraphs of my “ads” thing. I know that’s an incredible burden and takes away valuable minutes from playing Freecell or posting complaints about adsbut still that is my humble ask.

Of courseif you just want to join in the bi-weekly fun, here’s the thread.

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New? To start playing, first be patient and wait for the game to load up. Still no luck? Try here
Sorry, your browser does not support Java or it does not currently have a Java Virtual Machine installed or enabled. The current releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, and Safari all have very good Java support, so maybe you should download their latest release.

You can download the latest releases here:
Java download Microsoft Internet Explorer

Make sure you say "yes" to options related to "Java" or "Virtual Machine". Good luck!