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Individual Stats - I_like_palimscopes

Total hours playing: 42.19
Last seen: Fri Jul 21 12:17:19 2017
Game in progress: No

8 x 4

current streak:478
best streak:478
win percent:100.00%
average time:5:17 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:46

Tournament Wins

Total Won:0

Recent History of Play

DateTimeGame ModeElapsedWon/Lost
7/2111:17 am8x4 32397-10Streak3:03Won
7/1912:53 am8x4 25966-10Streak6:11Won
7/1711:31 am8x4 12710-10Streak5:03Won
7/1610:40 am8x4 12800-10Streak2:08Won
7/1011:36 am8x4 2027-10Streak3:08Won

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