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Individual Stats - M..Morgan33

Total hours playing: 36.55
Last seen: Wed Apr 26 15:25:29 2017
Game in progress: Yes

8 x 4

current streak:175
best streak:175
win percent:99.43%
average time:12:27 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:6

Tournament Wins

Total Won:0

Recent History of Play

DateTimeGame ModeElapsedWon/Lost
4/254:41 pm8x4 12033-10Streak10:08Won
4/245:41 pm8x4 5704-10Streak7:17Won
4/235:10 pm8x4 20331-10Streak65:10Won
4/193:18 am8x4 16921-10Streak7:24Won
4/184:48 pm8x4 5514-10Streak5:27Won
4/174:34 pm8x4 2676-10Streak3:36Won
4/163:12 pm8x4 11358-10Streak26:10Won
4/162:46 pm8x4 4979-10Streak13:22Won
4/166:29 am8x4 4583-10Streak16:41Won
4/166:12 am8x4 29202-10Streak26:42Won

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