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Individual Stats - kgbray

Total hours playing: 317.31
Last seen: Thu Jul 20 13:46:39 2017
Game in progress: Yes

8 x 4

current streak:102
best streak:501
win percent:98.93%
average time:9:17 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:38

Tournament Wins

Total Won:0

Recent History of Play

DateTimeGame ModeElapsedWon/Lost
7/201:29 pm8x4 21173-10Streak4:33Won
7/201:24 pm8x4 6827-10Streak4:56Won
7/205:19 am8x4 8946-10Streak5:46Won
7/205:13 am8x4 3309-10Streak4:13Won
7/205:09 am8x4 19456-10Streak3:25Won
7/205:06 am8x4 28815-10Streak32:15Won
7/1712:03 am8x4 13533-10Streak10:22Won
7/1711:52 am8x4 32192-10Streak4:52Won
7/1711:48 am8x4 2840-10Streak3:20Won
7/1711:44 am8x4 2756-10Streak20:38Won

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