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Individual Stats - 6262

Total hours playing: 408.79
Last seen: Mon Apr 27 08:53:38 2009
Game in progress: No

8 x 4

current streak:2
best streak:5
win percent:87.50%
average time:5:49 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:3
total time:0h 46m
last play time:Apr 18, 2009

9 x 5

current streak:39
best streak:39
win percent:100.00%
average time:4:40 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:20
total time:3h 2m
last play time:Feb 22, 2009

10 x 6

current streak:53
best streak:3261
win percent:99.96%
average time:3:26 minutes
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:90
total time:16d 20h 58m
last play time:Apr 27, 2009

Tournament Wins

Total Won:0

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