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Chat Login

Chat is no longer available from the game board but you can always login here. You have to type:
	.login username password
... but otherwise it's the same chat room.

Chat Socials

Type .soc while in chat to get a list of the "socials." These are shortcuts for often silly messages. You only have to type as many characters as are necessary to uniquely identify the social and the optional target of the social.

For example:

.k l (kiss LitheYetBusty if there are no other chatters whose name begins with 'L')
.ki lithe (more fully specified)
.kiss LitheYetBusty (lots of typing but guaranteed)

Some commands require that you specify a target. Some commands cannot be used with a target. And some commands work both with or without a target. Just try them to see how they work.

Chat Emoticons

You can get chat to display some little pictures just like old MSN Messager by typing some shortcuts between square braces.

For example, [grin] displays this icon:

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