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Funny Version
Despite what you may have heard from family and friends,
everything is fine and I don't need any kind of "Freecell
intervention" at this time.  While I will admit that there
was a period where my Freecell habit was maybe a little
out of control, the worst is past.  I'm out of jail now and
doing just peachy.  Even the state-appointed psychiatrist
says I'm doing much better.

I suppose you may have heard a story that during the peak
of my affliction there was one particular dark day when
my Internet service provider went down, I couldn't get
to Freecell.net, and they found me sitting naked in the
corner rocking back and forth clutching a stuffed Barney
doll and muttering to myself.  That's far from the truth.
I wasn't naked-- I had my underwear on, although it's
true the underwear maybe weren't as "fresh" as they might
have been-- and it was a stuffed Pooh, not Barney.  I hate
Barney, hate Barney, HATE Barney.  I HATE HATE HATE Barney.

So anyhow when the emergency response folks showed up and
the nice officer made the mistake of telling me to put
down the Barney, I guess I just overreacted a bit and
that little misunderstanding led to the matter of the
assault charge and the night in the shared jail cell.
Can you believe they didn't have a single free cell?
That's just the worst.  But I did meet some nice people in
jail, such as Sandy, who is professionally Fun To Be With;
"Banger", who's nickname owes to his repeated bad luck with
meth labs blowing up on him; and a souse named Ralph who
lived up to his name, all over the bench we were sharing.

But I'm out now and doing much better.  What helped me
through the darkest hours though was the encouraging
and uplifting advice at the Freecell.net 12 Steps page:


Now I know at least I'm not alone in my addiction, I know
it's actually a disease (so you have to feel sorry for me),
and I now have the tools I need to deal with my little
special problem.

My improvement is astounding really.  I'm showering
every day (that mostly fixed that kind of chunky dandruff
problem), I'm going out in public, and people have even
commented that my breath will no longer knock a buzzard
off a manure wagon at 50 feet.

So life is good and I'm back in the game (so to speak),
I've had a streak of good days, and I'm feeling so
confident that I'm even going to go play just ONE real
quick game of Freecell at:



(your name)

Normal Version
So I don't know if you've ever played Freecell or not,
but it's a pretty fun type of solitaire, almost always
winnable.  Highly addictive, I might add.  

There's a very good version of this game at Freecell.net
that you play from within you browser.  It can keep
track of your scores for you and allow you to save games.
They have huge scores lists with results from all the best
Freecell players on the 'net.  They also have scheduled
tournaments where people compete to solve a series of
specified games.  There's even a chat room and Freecell 
discussion board.

Check it out: 



(your name)

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