Why don't we support your phone?

The cell phone market is currently as fragmented as the computer market was in the late 70s. Back then we had Compaq, Osbourse, Kaypro, Commodore, Atari, Apple, Sinclair, and many more. If you wanted to write some software, you targeted the system(s) most suited to your intended market. It wasn't until IBM and Microsoft came along and established a de facto standard that software creators could finally write for a single platform and be assured reasonable market share.

These days it's not very unified in the smart phone market. There are iPhone/iTouch, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, Windows Mobile, and a zillion other semi-smart phones vying for your business. For those of us trying to write software, it's a mess. But then iPhone and Android came along finally offering a decent browser and the ability to get to all the value that is the web today.

This changed things and allowed us to finally contemplate offering Freecell in a mobile-friendly format without doing one-off "apps" to target specific phones.

Now it's not all peaches and cream. The mobile browsers are still quirky and require special code to handle their uniqueness, but at least we can provide a full-featured game and scores for same.

If you're phone won't play Freecell yet, well, sorry, but we can only reasonably target the phones that are Freecell-capable via a reasonably compliant browser. Today that's a small list. In the future, who knows, probably more and more phones will appear on the market that meet the requirements.

But for now it's easy: iPhone, iTouch, and Android.

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