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You can see this instead of ads.

You can help support Freecell.net and enjoy the fastest possible ad-free online Freecell experience. For a measly dollar a month you'll get Freecell and nothing but Freecell. No pop-ups, no wiggling, flashing, bandwidth-hogging ads. Pure uncut Colombian Freecell.

Read on and let's see if Freecell Premium is for you.

Here's How It Works

First you'll order Freecell Premium service via our secure online server. For $12.00 USD you'll receive an email with a registration code providing 366 days of premium service.

Then you'll go to our online registration form, enter your Freecell username and the registration code. Then the next time you log into the game, *poof*, no more ads.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before we begin, let's make sure we understand a few things.

Once I register, you'll implement my favorite new feature, right?
Nope, but you won't see ads.

If the game quits working I get extra special support, right?
Nope, but you won't see ads.

I like to play under several names? Can I have Premium on all my usernames?
You may select one alternate username to associate with your Premium service, and you can change that alternate username at anytime as often as you want. See the links at the top right of the Premium pages.

Can I play as Anonymous? Will I still be able to use Undo?
No, sorry, I haven't worked out a way to allow Premium users to play as Anonymous and still have Premium ad free service. The reason is that you need to login to an account, an Anonymous is, by definition, Anonymous with no stored account information.

Will absolutely ALL ads be gone?
Due to tricky technical issues and the variety of different browsers and such out there we can't guarantee that ALL ads will be gone, but certainly, once you've logged in as a premium member at least 99.5% of the ads should be gone from this Freecell site. If you're not completely satisfied with the level of ad removal, we'll refund you money of course. Note: if you've subscribed to Premium service and are still seeing lots of ads, first check your system to make sure you haven't picked up an infestation of one of the notorious new ad-ware annoyances that are floating around the 'net these days. For help identifying and removing ad-ware, try see these hints on the Problems page. Also check that you do not have cookies disables as this site requires cookies in order to remember who you are and recognize you between pages as a Premium user.

I forgot my Premium login and/or password.
Refer to the links at the top right of the Premium pages and you'll see a 'forgot something' link that will help you out.

How much time is left in my subscription?
Again, refer to the links at the top right of the Premium pages and you'll see an 'expiration date' link that will tell you the time remaining on your registration. Note that you can renew at any time, and a year of service will be added on to your current remaining time.

Ready to order?

OK, I think you're starting to get the idea. Freecell Premium is about No More Ads.


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