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Individual Stats - geoffvl

Total hours playing: 1000.93
Last seen: Thu Jan 21 20:24:25 2021
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2018-10-26
Elo: 1687
Announcements: On

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
7x4W2021-01-21418728596441841381.76%02:55 5.51d 11h 28m
9x42021-01-16191852892870071191998.97%01:59 96.39h 34m
5x8W2020-12-263821180080081.82%03:21 5.21h 10m
8x42020-12-261114200691900400710094.69%02:20 18.81m 2d 16h 31m
7x42020-12-2602345436200230079.56%03:10 4.91d 0h 2m
12x1W2020-09-113012845745000450098.25%02:02 57.115h 36m
13x0W2020-08-2903410910100290091.82%02:21 12.14h 16m
13x02020-08-26022484400150089.80%02:16 9.61h 48m
12x02020-08-25024645400240083.08%02:24 5.82h 34m
11x12020-08-2305431329400290093.63%02:10 15.711h 23m
9x32020-08-2207127626500710095.67%02:09 23.09h 56m
7x52020-08-1703648145100350093.57%02:34 15.520h 41m
6x62020-07-28019716100130084.72%03:04 6.53h 38m
8x52020-07-251141100799300830098.51%02:12 67.11d 13h 7m
10x22020-07-16041928700280093.55%02:03 15.33h 8m
12x12020-07-14014219519300670098.47%01:59 65.06h 28m
7x62020-07-0944440040080.00%01:52 4.00h 7m
10x32020-07-01022822922800380099.13%02:05 114.57h 59m
11x22020-06-25416320119800440098.02%02:06 50.27h 4m
11x1W2020-05-11018353100180086.11%02:53 7.01h 41m
8x32020-01-1603316314500270088.41%02:49 8.67h 39m
9x22020-01-1303530030050.00%03:25 1.70h 17m
5x62020-01-1322530020050.00%03:46 1.70h 18m
5x52020-01-1311610010014.29%04:06 1.00h 24m
6x52020-01-13061180060066.67%03:46 2.80h 41m
10x42020-01-1111110010050.00%01:04 1.00h 1m
6x5W2020-01-100926180090066.67%03:47 2.91h 38m
7x32019-12-22031480030053.33%03:18 2.00h 46m
8x3W2019-12-140813100080071.43%03:38 3.20h 47m

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