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Individual Stats - Manticor

Total hours playing: 8912.98
Last seen: Mon Jun 1 19:13:23 2020
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2007-07-09

7 x 4

game in progress:No
current streak:9
best streak:9
win percent:90.00%
average time:3:09 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 9.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:2
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 28m
last play time:Oct 14, 2014

8 x 4

game in progress:No
current streak:45
best streak:416
win percent:98.68%
average time:3:44 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 75.7
daily streak:6
best today:6
best daily:76
yearly streak:45
best this year:122
total time:2m 4d 16h 39m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

9 x 5

game in progress:No
current streak:17440
best streak:27472
win percent:100.00%
average time:2:11 minutes
approx. avg. streak:22456.5
daily streak:5
best today:5
best daily:64
yearly streak:1035
best this year:1035
total time:2m 8d 8h 32m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

10 x 6

game in progress:No
current streak:37
best streak:37
win percent:97.37%
average time:1:40 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 37.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:10
yearly streak:1
best this year:1
total time:1h 1m
last play time:Apr 8, 2020

12 x 0

game in progress:No
current streak:0
best streak:0
win percent:0.00%
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:0
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 1m
last play time:Sep 9, 2007

12 x 1

game in progress:No
current streak:680
best streak:2034
win percent:99.69%
average time:2:42 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 317.6
daily streak:8
best today:8
best daily:107
yearly streak:680
best this year:680
total time:1m 8d 22h 4m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

13 x 0

game in progress:No
current streak:28
best streak:125
win percent:96.58%
average time:2:40 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 29.3
daily streak:1
best today:1
best daily:60
yearly streak:28
best this year:60
total time:1m 6d 23h 47m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

13 x 1

game in progress:No
current streak:17438
best streak:17438
win percent:99.96%
average time:2:02 minutes
approx. avg. streak:2720.9
daily streak:8
best today:8
best daily:100
yearly streak:1036
best this year:1036
total time:1m 20d 3h 29m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

13 x 2

game in progress:No
current streak:5
best streak:5
win percent:83.33%
average time:3:35 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 5.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:1
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 17m
last play time:Mar 28, 2019

13 x 3

game in progress:No
current streak:19
best streak:19
win percent:95.00%
average time:1:19 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 19.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:10
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 25m
last play time:Aug 21, 2016

7 x 4 Winnable

game in progress:No
current streak:2
best streak:2
win percent:66.67%
average time:2:16 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 2.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:1
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 4m
last play time:Aug 13, 2019

12 x 1 Winnable

game in progress:No
current streak:21
best streak:21
win percent:95.45%
average time:2:20 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 21.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:13
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 49m
last play time:Jan 20, 2020

13 x 0 Winnable

game in progress:No
current streak:270
best streak:979
win percent:99.43%
average time:3:12 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 176.3
daily streak:10
best today:10
best daily:134
yearly streak:270
best this year:434
total time:3m 22d 3h 59m
last play time:Jun 1, 2020

Tournament Wins

Super Quickie:1
Total Won:2

Recent History of Play

DateTimeGame ModeElapsedWon/Lost
6/16:13 pm13x1 32746-10Streak2:27Won
6/16:10 pm13x1 2045-10Streak3:04Won
6/16:07 pm13x1 3820-10Streak2:08Won
6/16:04 pm13x1 18625-10Streak2:29Won
6/16:02 pm13x1 16835-10Streak9:40Won
6/15:52 pm13x1 18805-10Streak2:21Won
6/15:49 pm13x1 4400-10Streak1:13Won
6/15:47 pm13x1 4899-10Streak1:21Won
6/15:45 pm8x4 13692-9Streak2:08Won
6/12:40 pm12x1 27284-10Streak3:13Won
6/12:37 pm12x1 18990-10Streak1:41Won
6/12:35 pm12x1 14696-10Streak2:41Won
6/12:33 pm12x1 2121-10Streak3:43Won
6/12:28 pm12x1 22208-10Streak2:04Won
6/12:26 pm12x1 10454-10Streak2:10Won
6/12:23 pm12x1 27018-10Streak3:55Won
6/12:19 pm12x1 23514-10Streak6:11Won
6/12:11 pm8x4 12060-9Streak2:46Won
6/17:37 am13x0 16952-10Winnable4:55Won
6/17:32 am13x0 1856-10Winnable2:31Won
6/17:30 am13x0 2142-10Winnable7:08Won
6/17:21 am8x4 5127-9Streak2:02Won
6/13:29 am13x0 3853-10Winnable2:16Won
6/13:27 am13x0 26566-10Winnable1:36Won
6/13:25 am13x0 5997-10Winnable3:15Won
6/13:22 am13x0 31413-10Winnable2:10Won
6/13:19 am13x0 5734-10Winnable2:25Won
6/13:17 am13x0 5868-10Winnable3:07Won
6/13:14 am13x0 22851-10Winnable1:35Won
6/13:09 am13x0 31222-7Streak2:03Won
6/13:05 am9x5 17439-10Streak2:17Won
6/13:02 am9x5 7213-10Streak2:23Won
6/13:00 am9x5 30574-10Streak3:37Won
6/12:56 am9x5 557-10Streak1:26Won
6/12:55 am9x5 16285-10Streak2:23Won
6/12:50 am8x4 19334-9Streak9:33Won
6/12:40 am8x4 6709-9Streak3:00Won
6/12:37 am8x4 14120-8Streak6:58Won
5/316:32 pm12x1 17067-10Streak2:45Won
5/316:29 pm12x1 25679-10Streak2:45Won
5/316:24 pm13x0 31800-10Winnable1:32Won
5/316:21 pm13x0 14328-10Winnable3:08Won
5/316:18 pm13x0 8823-10Winnable2:09Won
5/316:16 pm13x0 10487-10Winnable2:34Won
5/316:11 pm13x0 1017-7Streak3:18Won
5/316:07 pm13x0 13996-10Winnable11:06Won
5/315:56 pm13x0 11603-10Winnable1:50Won
5/315:54 pm13x0 794-10Winnable1:26Won
5/315:45 pm13x0 14969-10Winnable2:24Won
5/315:42 pm13x0 2078-10Winnable1:12Won
5/315:37 pm13x0 24917-10Winnable17:57Won
5/314:57 pm13x0 16722-7Streak5:10Won
5/314:50 pm9x5 20348-10Streak2:46Won
5/314:47 pm9x5 4727-10Streak2:21Won
5/314:44 pm9x5 3059-10Streak7:04Won
5/314:37 pm9x5 10178-10Streak3:31Won
5/314:33 pm9x5 20760-10Streak4:57Won
5/314:16 pm8x4 2391-8Streak2:53Won
5/3110:37 am13x1 1063-10Streak1:38Won
5/3110:36 am13x1 27676-10Streak2:00Won
5/3110:34 am13x1 1864-10Streak1:16Won
5/3110:32 am13x1 15668-10Streak1:54Won
5/3110:30 am13x1 13464-10Streak1:46Won
5/3110:27 am9x5 28968-10Streak1:38Won
5/3110:25 am9x5 601-10Streak1:10Won
5/3110:24 am9x5 6569-10Streak1:18Won
5/3110:23 am9x5 10922-10Streak1:28Won
5/3110:21 am9x5 28034-10Streak1:25Won
5/3110:17 am8x4 17068-8Streak2:13Won
5/319:36 am13x1 7192-10Streak2:12Won
5/319:34 am13x1 26572-10Streak1:23Won
5/319:32 am13x1 21800-10Streak1:22Won
5/319:31 am13x1 17234-10Streak1:46Won
5/319:27 am13x1 10027-10Streak0:58Won
5/319:26 am13x1 21009-10Streak1:37Won
5/319:25 am13x1 25161-10Streak1:01Won
5/319:24 am13x1 7674-10Streak2:35Won
5/319:21 am13x1 889-10Streak1:50Won
5/319:19 am13x1 11510-10Streak2:03Won
5/319:15 am12x1 32230-10Streak1:40Won
5/319:14 am12x1 2496-10Streak1:42Won
5/319:12 am12x1 11633-10Streak1:16Won
5/319:10 am12x1 5784-10Streak2:45Won
5/319:08 am12x1 22817-10Streak3:14Won
5/319:04 am12x1 21506-10Streak1:33Won
5/319:03 am12x1 6204-10Streak4:00Won
5/318:59 am12x1 14133-10Streak1:19Won
5/318:56 am12x1 6160-10Streak2:03Won
5/318:54 am12x1 1471-10Streak2:26Won
5/318:50 am13x0 9004-10Winnable7:22Won
5/318:43 am13x0 12367-10Winnable2:07Won
5/318:41 am13x0 3159-10Winnable1:20Won
5/318:39 am13x0 3313-10Winnable2:15Won
5/318:37 am13x0 30184-10Winnable8:52Won
5/318:26 am8x4 14210-8Streak5:52Won
5/313:36 am13x0 26732-10Winnable3:13Won
5/313:33 am13x0 5197-10Winnable3:43Won
5/313:29 am13x0 26854-10Winnable2:46Won
5/313:26 am13x0 17274-10Winnable1:48Won
5/313:24 am13x0 8184-10Winnable2:25Won

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