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Individual Stats - marky

Total hours playing: 3229.53
Last seen: Mon May 25 19:56:56 2020
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2006-12-24

7 x 4

game in progress:No
current streak:0
best streak:22
win percent:71.35%
average time:2:49 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 3.5
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:22
yearly streak:0
best this year:10
total time:19d 3h 57m
last play time:Apr 10, 2020

8 x 4

game in progress:No
current streak:0
best streak:90
win percent:92.60%
average time:2:18 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 13.5
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:90
yearly streak:0
best this year:10
total time:3m 13d 19h 55m
last play time:May 19, 2020

8 x 8

game in progress:No
current streak:1
best streak:1
win percent:50.00%
average time:2:23 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 1.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:1
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 2m
last play time:Apr 18, 2007

9 x 5

game in progress:No
current streak:23
best streak:23
win percent:92.00%
average time:1:36 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 12.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:20
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 38m
last play time:Jul 4, 2019

10 x 6

game in progress:No
current streak:2
best streak:2
win percent:66.67%
average time:1:12 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 2.0
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:1
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:0h 2m
last play time:Mar 22, 2019

12 x 1

game in progress:No
current streak:5
best streak:29
win percent:89.22%
average time:1:49 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 9.2
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:25
yearly streak:0
best this year:0
total time:3h 4m
last play time:Jul 20, 2019

13 x 0

game in progress:No
current streak:0
best streak:50
win percent:88.26%
average time:1:48 minutes
approx. avg. streak: 8.5
daily streak:0
best today:0
best daily:50
yearly streak:0
best this year:43
total time:11d 9h 50m
last play time:May 25, 2020

Tournament Wins

Total Won:0

Recent History of Play

DateTimeGame ModeElapsedWon/Lost
5/256:56 pm13x0 1048-6Streak3:07Lost
5/256:53 pm13x0 19977-6Streak2:47Won
5/256:50 pm13x0 321-6Streak1:27Won
5/256:49 pm13x0 4447-6Streak2:04Won
5/256:47 pm13x0 10109-6Streak2:38Won
5/256:44 pm13x0 3566-6Streak1:57Won
5/256:42 pm13x0 5760-6Streak1:56Won
5/256:40 pm13x0 30462-5Streak1:17Won
5/256:38 pm13x0 28354-5Streak1:47Won
5/256:37 pm13x0 6983-5Streak1:22Won
5/256:35 pm13x0 7434-5Streak1:47Won
5/256:33 pm13x0 15831-5Streak2:50Won
5/256:30 pm13x0 7202-5Streak1:05Won
5/256:29 pm13x0 6058-5Streak1:10Won
5/256:28 pm13x0 25655-5Streak1:19Won
5/256:26 pm13x0 10681-5Streak2:47Won
5/256:24 pm13x0 31214-5Streak1:10Won
5/256:22 pm13x0 30074-6Streak2:27Lost
5/256:20 pm13x0 10785-6Streak1:34Won
5/256:18 pm13x0 19518-6Streak3:00Won
5/256:14 pm13x0 31375-6Streak1:53Won
5/256:12 pm13x0 11641-5Streak1:35Won
5/256:10 pm13x0 31298-5Streak2:09Won
5/256:08 pm13x0 16917-5Streak1:37Won
5/256:06 pm13x0 24971-5Streak2:05Won
5/256:03 pm13x0 7879-5Streak1:26Won
5/256:02 pm13x0 24198-5Streak1:43Won
5/256:00 pm13x0 12988-5Streak2:39Won
5/255:57 pm13x0 20939-5Streak1:13Won
5/255:56 pm13x0 12405-5Streak0:59Won
5/255:55 pm13x0 21575-5Streak2:14Won
5/255:52 pm13x0 1350-5Streak4:08Lost
5/255:48 pm13x0 4166-5Streak3:40Won
5/255:44 pm13x0 5762-5Streak3:02Won
5/255:41 pm13x0 1619-5Streak1:54Won
5/255:39 pm13x0 32513-5Streak2:35Won
5/255:37 pm13x0 5864-5Streak1:50Won
5/255:35 pm13x0 29627-5Streak3:02Won
5/206:00 pm13x0 10854-5Streak3:21Won
5/205:57 pm13x0 26048-5Streak2:43Won
5/205:54 pm13x0 20338-5Streak1:24Lost
5/205:53 pm13x0 22542-5Streak1:10Won
5/205:51 pm13x0 30604-5Streak1:22Won
5/205:50 pm13x0 27528-5Streak0:46Won
5/205:49 pm13x0 3341-5Streak1:56Won
5/205:47 pm13x0 6659-5Streak1:44Lost
5/193:55 pm13x0 14644-5Streak1:58Lost
5/193:53 pm13x0 22958-5Streak1:11Won
5/193:52 pm13x0 19910-5Streak3:43Won
5/193:48 pm13x0 2449-5Streak2:12Won
5/193:46 pm13x0 2403-5Streak1:20Won
5/193:44 pm13x0 6911-5Streak1:47Won
5/193:42 pm13x0 17712-5Streak2:05Won
5/193:40 pm13x0 8274-5Streak1:49Lost
5/193:36 pm13x0 3218-5Streak1:52Won
5/193:32 pm13x0 3967-5Streak1:32Lost
5/193:30 pm8x4 10214-6Streak0:10Lost

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