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Do you totally love Freecell?

Many consider Freecell the best solitaire game ever invented. It's fun, sometimes even addictive, and winning depends on strategy and skill, not just luck. Here at Freecell.net you can play Freecell online right now, learn more about Freecell, join in a discussion of the finer points of Freecell, compete in Freecell tournaments, and heck, even chat about Freecell. Plus we have massive lists of scores for the best Freecell players on the 'net, all updated continuously. Think you've got a big streak? Check out some of the streaks folks have going here! Oh yeah, almost forgot: supports iPad too.

Or play anywhere, anytime with our version of Freecell for Windows Phone, iPhone, iTouch, iPad, and Android. Finally you can take your addiction with you and play either privately or in the usual competitive mode with the entire globe. We offer all the same variants as the full desktop game, inclusion in the same master scores database, and many of the other features you know and love.

There is no app to buy or install, just go freecell.net in your mobile web browser. It should redirect you to the mobile version of the site. If not, go directly to m.freecell.net.

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