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Scores, Scores, and More Scores

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Individual stats:

Elo Ratings (total awesomeness, see link on the right for details)
CurrentBiggest change
Hot Streak
CurrentPastComing Soon
Standard Game
8 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
Nine to Five
9 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
Ten to Six
10 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
Lucky Thirteen
13 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
Bakers Dozen
12 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
Summer of Love
7 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily

Winnable Variants
4 x 10WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 8WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 5WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 4WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 3WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 2WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 1WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 1WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 1WScoresWeeklyPast Daily
13 x 0WScoresWeeklyPast Daily

All Variants
13 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
13 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
13 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
13 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
12 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
11 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
10 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
9 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 8ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
8 x 0ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 9ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 8ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
7 x 1ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 10ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 9ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 8ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
6 x 2ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 10ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 9ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 8ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
5 x 3ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 10ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 9ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 8ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 7ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 6ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 5ScoresWeeklyPast Daily
4 x 4ScoresWeeklyPast Daily

About Scores and Stats

The table heading is shown in parenthesis to the right of each section. Scores and Stats have been broken into separate tables as there was just getting to be too much detail to show in one table.

Current Streaks (Streak)

This tally shows the current high rollers in the standard streak department. A streak of course is how many games you've won in a row without blowing one. We have logic to age out folks who've found themselves in a losing game but just don't have the gumption to quit out of it. Note: ties on the streaks lists are decided in a very arbitrary manner: I needed something concrete and I've just used the account creation time with newer accounts winning the tie. Someday I'll do something better.

All Time Streaks (All Time)

These streaks may no longer be active, but they are the best the particular players have achieved in their auspicious NetCELL careers. Some of these are very old.

Daily Streaks (Daily)

This category tracks how many games in a row a person has won in one 24 hour day EST. If you win 35 games in a row on a particular day, but blow it below day's end, you're still on the board for the 35. Of course if you're obsessive (no one here like that), you could run up a second much better streak, and that would then take precedence.

All Time Daily Streaks (All Time Daily)

The best one day streaks of all time. Like the All Time Streaks above some of these are pretty dated. We've been doing this a while.

Current Year (Yearly)

This is the games in a row the person has won just in the current calendar year. Say they carried over a streak of 50 from last year and have won 40 more games in a row. Their Current Streak and All Time Streak will show the full 90 but since they're only won 40 in the current year the Yearly will show 40. Since we've got over 20+ years of data now it's hard to get onto the All Time list but you can still strive to "win the year."


Simply the total number of times this person has played this variant, streak or non-streak.


The number of total wins, streak or non-streak, for this variant.

Adjusted Win Percent (Win%)

The percentage of wins divided by plays and sorted with that weird rule that makes higher numbers of plays count more:
wins /(plays+1)
This way someone who has only played 2 games and won them both doesn't come out ahead of someone who has played 2788 games and only lost one. There ain't no perfect solution here, hence this compromise.

Average time per game (Avg.Time)

A rough average of playing time in this variant, simply total time divided by plays.

Average Streak (Avg.Streak)

Vaguely accurate "average streak length" but it's just plays divided by losses. It's not really a good indicator as it's not streak-specific.

Idle ()

How long since they've played this variant.

Total Time (Total)

Total time they've spent actually in a game on this variant.

The "You Win" Dialog

When you win a game you get a "You Win" dialog box with a fair amount of information something like this:

Game #

The game variant {columns}x{cells}, for instance 9x5 or 8x4, and then a number which uniquely identifies the deal.

Game Stats

This shows the global stats for that specific game: plays/wins/percentage.


The difficulty level of the deal. Difficulty levels are discussed at length here.


How long you took to play the game. Note that if you go idle without explicitly saving the game this time will include the idle timeout.


Your current streak (number of games won in a row) for this variant. This number is less meaningful for the harder variants where you might have a much lower overall chance of winning.


This shows your best streak for the current day. That is often the number of games you've played since midnight server time but if you've lost your streak it will be the number of games in that previous streak or if you've bested that streak, your current daily streak.


This is your ranking in the Current Streaks list. "Current" is defined as "has played within the last two weeks." We set that arbitrary limit so as to not show all the streaks where people have gotten stuck but not wanted to quit out.

Daily or Daily Best

If your current streak is greater than or equal to your best of the day this gives your ranking on the Daily Streak list with the heading "Daily". If you're below your current daily best (see Today above) it shows how many games you need to win to catch up to your previous effort and the heading says "Daily Best".

Yearly or Yearly Best

Like the daily streak above, this looks at your record for the year. If you're forging ahead it shows your rank for the year with the heading "Yearly". Otherwise it shows how many games you need to win to catch up to your previous yearly record and the heading is "Yearly Best".

All Time

Also like the daily and yearly, this tracks your all time streak. Unlike the above the heading does not change but the data displayed is differently. If you've matched or exceeded your previous all time streak if will show your ranking against all the other players. Otherwise it shows how many games you need to win to match your previous record.

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