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Let's talk about Freecell. We welcome postings related to Freecell, NetCELL, the "culture" surrounding the games, and of course frivolous off-topic stuff as well. But keep it light and polite. Here's how to discuss weightier stuff.

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Monday's 13x0May 28 05:13HopDiriDiriDa...cellmate15
Wednesday's 10x2May 28 00:13HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...34
Nothing to see hereMay 27 21:34kangaroooutskirts7
Interesting sports tid-bits:May 27 20:18SnowguyDr.Bombay355
Never won winnables!May 27 17:31TitanicTonyTNmountainman2033
got any favorite quotes?May 27 16:42MrFixitoutskirts283
The silliest show ever on Television…May 27 16:12Dr.BombayTNmountainman24
longest game?May 27 15:14MrFixitBuzzClik3
Even better liveMay 27 10:27HopDiriDiriDa...BuzzClik45
World MusicMay 27 02:44HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...78
4x9 6167-5 - really winnable?May 26 21:28Lindyhopper_A...roo3
Recent sports odditiesMay 26 17:55SnowguyBrewCrewOldSkool603
CompetitionMay 26 15:41MikeCMikeC0
Interesting New MusicMay 26 08:01BuzzClikBuzzClik520
Saturday's 9x1May 26 03:45HopDiriDiriDa...smelly_cootie...7
12-Sum Streak RankingsMay 25 17:14AutopostJDr.Bombay277
Seldom won winnable games.May 25 12:11TitanicTonyEllie2313
How long does it take you?May 24 04:00MrFixitKaos38
Winnable Streak RankingsMay 24 03:07AutopostJUberman338
13-sum StandingsMay 24 03:06HopDiriDiriDa...Uberman15
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