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You've found the best place to play Freecell on the Internet. For the casual player, our games start easy and get progressively harder as you build your streak (number of games won in a row).

For the more serious Freecell players, we've got over 25 years of statistics from the best Freecell players in the world so you can compete with and compare yourself to the absolute finest.

There's an active discussion board where you can debate the finer points of the game, talk strategy, and ask general questions.

There are regular tournaments where you can compete with fellow Freecell aficionados. Tournaments are often comprised of mixes of other "variants" in addition to the standard 8x4 (eight columns with four freecells).

We track current streaks, best of the day, yearly streaks, and all time. Plus there's an Elo rating system so you can compare your overall solving ability with the other great competitors here.

And of course you can play on PC, Mac, iPad, Surface, Fire/Kindle, iPhone, Android phones, and just about any device with an Internet browser.

Just click on "play" on the left or the "Play Now" above to get going.

On Your Phone

Mobile Site To play on your phone, just visit the main web site in your phone's browser. There is no app to buy or install, just go to freecell.net.

Click the Play image, and then select the Mobile view from the select box on the left. This selects card images which are clearly visible on a smaller screen. Finally click Play to start a game and then click the fullscreen icon (upper left). Ta da!

When you login and play from your phone, the game is the same as when you play from your computer (or iPad or what have you). You can start a game on your phone and resume it on your computer and vice versa.


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