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Charitable Giving

This Freecell.net game site makes a small amount of money. But I continue to view it as a hobby and am fortunate enough to not really need the coinage that this does bring in.

Back when advertising paid better we were making about $12k/year but now ad revenue has dropped off precipitously. I continue to donate the same amount but the site no longer brings in anywhere near that.

But the little note about advertising is still true: after paying for hosting we donate all ad revenue to charity. I just have to kick in a bunch more out of my pocket. So it's probably not entirely true to characterize the donation amounts below as coming just from Freecell.

Update Dec 6, 2022
Gave $12000 to World Vision and UNICEF as per usual. Found an improved way to give to World Vision with a 9x match so that's pretty huge. Total (without the match) is now $228,000. As always, thanks for playing.

Update Dec 18, 2021
Gave $12000 to World Vision and UNICEF. Total is now $216,000. Thanks for playing!

Update: Oct 26, 2020
Give $24000 to World Vision and UNICEF. Total is now $204,000. Thanks for all the clicking!

Update: Dec 18, 2018
Gave $12000 to UNICEF, World Vision, and Hole in the Wall. That brings the total to $180,000 from your clicking. As always, thanks, and keep on doing the world some good by playing Freecell.

Update: Nov 5, 2017
I've done the annual donations. Total is now $168,000 from your clicking. Thanks!

Update: Jan 1, 2017
I was late doing my giving for 2016. Hope the IRS will understand the 1 day difference (but I'm not optimistic.) Anyhow, another $12,000, total is now $156,000 from your clicking. Thanks!

Update: Sep 25, 2015
Another $12,000, total is now $144,000.

Update: Nov 3, 2014
$12,000 donation, no matching this year because I no longer work at that wonderfully generous company Microsoft. Thanks for all the good years, Microsoft. Total is now $132,000. P.S. I now do my nerd thing for a little local medical software company STC.

Update: Sep 9, 2013
Another $12,000 donation just went out bringing the total $77,000. With matching I'll estimate we've given about $120,000 thanks to Microsoft's generosity.

Update: June 22, 2012
Another $12,000 donation just went out bringing the total $65,000. Microsoft has a new matching system and I think it'll be hard for folks to slip through the cracks, so we can figure $24,000 went to needy causes this year. So I'm going to guess we've given about $95,000 thanks to Microsoft's generous matching.

Donations to date: $53000, Microsoft matches up to 100% but not all charities seem to have taken advantage of that and I didn't start submitting for matching until 2010, so maybe the total is around $71000.

Charities served:

World Vision

We sponsor a child in Chile and have actually visited and seen the great work they do first hand. They're very light on the religion and very focused on really helping with health, housing, food, education, etc. all while making sure not to trample local custom and culture.

To the right there are a pics of Angela from 2004 and also a pic of Angela from 2015.

Update: they've gotten that community in Chile to the point they feel their work is done and we've been assigned a new child in Africa. Who knows, maybe we'll get to see her too.

This is a highly rated charity dealing specifically with the needs of children around the world.

Hole in the Wall Gang Fund
Hole in the Wall Gang has gone to a four star rating with CharityNavigator.org . The Paul Newman book Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good was what inspired me to direct our proceeds to worthy causes. Fun book, check it out.

Rockefeller Foundation
One time donation for research for preventing heart disease in memory of my friend Tom Green (and heck, let's figger some of it's fer you too olblue).

And as for all you players out there, you can at least take comfort from the fact that for every ad you view or click on in the course of pursuing your Freecell addiction, you're at least doing some good for some cause somewhere!

— Denny

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