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Subject: Hall of Shame

Date: Mon Oct 26 11:34:43 2015
User: FilthyMcNasty
What if the last backup was in 2007?

Date: Mon Oct 26 11:38:42 2015
User: firenzes_mother
That was about the time of my last back up, if you know what I mean.

Date: Sun Mar 31 06:44:18 2024
User: Ellie2
Oops, wrong thread; please see "Never lost winnables".

Date: Sun Mar 31 09:21:21 2024
User: outskirts
All the best 🍕

Date: Sun Mar 31 15:56:10 2024
User: roo

I'd forgotten about all this.

Reading it now - it was sort of like looting, wasn't it?

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