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Subject: Unusual Loss

Date: Thu Dec 15 21:45:18 2022
User: GTCharlie
I feel good when I can make the over one hundred win. When I departed today I had over 100 wins. When had played 11 games this afternoon I found that I had started over and was now at 11 and not the over 100 that I had signed off with.

Date: Thu Dec 15 22:12:00 2022
User: TNmountainman
Your recent play shows you lost a game at 11:13 today. Maybe somehow you mistakenly hit "Give up"?

Date: Mon Feb 12 12:00:05 2024
User: ChapsDecker

I showed a loss before I played. What? I've played 40+ games, without a loss and am at97%

Date: Mon Feb 12 14:30:02 2024
User: roo

Everyone is granted a free loss before they start, to make the %won a bit fairer.

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