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Subject: What's the best thing ever said to you?

Date: Mon Feb 12 09:30:10 2024
User: outskirts

I saw a question on fb "What is the worst thing that was ever said to you?". The answers were truly sad and depressing! What's the best thing that's ever been said to you? I noticed that these things really only matter when the speaker is someone you know, love, and respect! Internet trolls do not count! Lol

Best thing ever said to me, by a friend who is a musician and super cool guy:

You are a positive force!

(It's true, but I didn't think anyone noticed)

I might seem crusty on here, but that's because of the trolls. And I really don't take 💩

Date: Mon Feb 12 14:35:34 2024
User: roo

Something my younger son said to me several years ago concerning his childhood. Sorry, I'd rather not be more specific. 

Date: Mon Feb 12 15:54:51 2024
User: redberet

Two things, my platoon sergeant when he had to give his obligatory reenlistment talk. He told me "I'm not even going to give you the talk because I have no doubt, you'll be able to make it out there."

Second my company commander talking me into accepting a promotion to E-4 that I had turned down.

"Look at it this way, it's an extra 40 bucks to buy more weed." I accepted.

Date: Tue Feb 13 01:48:23 2024
User: GoAdoptADog!

In general, best compliments I’ve received have been either about character, personality, or mind. We females often get compliments pertaining to our looks, as if that’s all we care about. It isn’t, and it’s always nice to hear someone think of us as a whole person, not purely decorative. It’s not that it isn’t nice for someone to say we’re pretty, it’s just that it doesn’t stick the way it can if someone notices something more essential and lasting, (at least not for me).

Specifically, my fave/most meaningful compliments have to do with my desire to know ppl from different walks of life. When anyone has said I’m friendly or have friends from various circles & backgrounds, it makes me happy bc I think it’s important to not solely befriend / get to know ppl obviously similar to ourselves. I’ve learned there are often more similarities than differences in us anyway.

+Ripple effect is very real and nothing has such effect as our relationships. There are lots of people (and animals) out there, all whom experience joy and pain, and all who need a pal. It seems a waste to pass someone over just bc they’re not immediately familiar. Think of all the stories they could bring! +If I think of times I needed a pal and someone was there for me, it’s cool to think abt being that person for another. 

A cool thing abt compliments is quality may vary depending on source, ie, if a person who values art or wisdom calls you creative or wise, it’s especially nice. And vice versa. Like someone recently said I read a lot. They didn’t say it as compliment but I took it as one bc I value reading. Sometimes even insults work this way. A guy once called me a hipster in a negative way, but I was thrilled, lol.

Date: Fri Feb 16 07:57:10 2024
User: outskirts

In grade 8 when my band director told me to take 1st chair, ahead of seniors and everybody. Because I was the only one who had done the assignment memorizing a piece. He was so tickled I knew it, he let me play the entire thing. He was grinning and directing me the whole way through, and probably thinking about how he'd make this a teaching moment for the band. Special man. 

Date: Wed Feb 21 21:31:30 2024
User: redberet

I forgot to add, 43 years ago "I now pronounce you man and wife." were said to me. Things like that kind of stand out in one's mind.

Date: Fri Feb 23 23:39:36 2024
User: sprucegoose

While quite a few things come to mind, in the interest of succinctness: 

My ex-wife asked me to be a pall bearer for her dad.

By that time, I had (classified) copies of his WWII debriefings from the day he shot down three zeros. (They're all declassified now.)

Date: Sat Feb 24 22:06:54 2024
User: bil

"Doc, you saved my life."

One of my soldiers said that to me after I treated his pneumothorax and got him Medevaced

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