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Subject: Boomer complaints

Date: Sat Jun 8 09:11:58 2024
User: BuzzClik

X (nee Twitter) and its Denny wannabe, Elon Musk, asked a simple question of its readers: "What’s the most boomer complaint you have?" Some if the responses spanned generations, for sure, but others were pure Boomer: "Bring back photo albums and printing out pictures." Well, you can still do that, but why?

Originally from BuzzFeed

I do agree with one complaint: "Please give me back my headphone jack." Sadly, just like the DVD slot in laptops and CD slots in cars, they are gone. 

Date: Sat Jun 8 09:30:31 2024
User: outskirts

Never done Twitter never gonna

Never done X ain't about to start 

Date: Sat Jun 8 09:34:17 2024
User: outskirts

My biggest boomer complaint


Broke my rake. Was at the same farm store where I bought it (the least expensive one) for $7.99 - and a very decent rake. I was misusing it when I broke it. Priced the same rake it was $30. I'll use my steel rake tyvm. 

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