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Wednesday's 7x5Feb 29 00:05HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...16
Nice one kenwa!Feb 28 23:19calicokidkenwa22
Never won winnables!Feb 28 18:53TitanicTonyEllie22008
I think my recent collapseā€¦Feb 28 08:58MrFixitGoAdoptADog!7
Interesting sports tid-bits:Feb 28 05:50SnowguyTNmountainman313
Commercials you actually like or parts that a ...Feb 27 11:09outskirtsJackStraw10
Monday's 5x8Feb 27 00:05HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...2
ELO oddityFeb 26 09:07SixIronGoAdoptADog!4
Stream of Consciousness: a thread that cannot ...Feb 25 16:54BuzzClikBuzzClik684
Saturday's 10x1Feb 25 14:13HopDiriDiriDa...roo45
A Great Loss for BaseballFeb 25 07:55Ann13outskirts74
What's the best thing ever said to you?Feb 24 22:06outskirtsbil7
How to congratulate someone?Feb 22 15:10odalittlemouseoutskirts7
mr.bob has diedFeb 22 06:04j5177GoAdoptADog!61
Thought Experiments, Got Any?Feb 22 05:18GoAdoptADog!GoAdoptADog!20
Wednesday's 9x3Feb 22 00:09HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...18
Masters-Feb 21 15:29GoAdoptADog!Dr.Bombay23
Even better liveFeb 21 14:48HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...41
Monday's 10x1Feb 20 00:12HopDiriDiriDa...HopDiriDiriDa...4
When that happens,Feb 18 18:27berriesberries0
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