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12/22/98 -- Seattle NetCELL Party Pics

Dogfood hosted the first Seattle chapter NetCELL party on Sat Dec 19th.

Here's the Official Group Photo. L to R we have Denny aka MrFixit, Anon, Anon, betcha, dogfood, and tinkerbell.

Anon and Anon watch as Tink flies drunkenly about the room.

The assembled raise their voices in harmony whilst Tink strummeth.

Tink and Anon examine some pocket lint.

Up in the computer room at ease after a brief visit to the chat line. Ok, just too drunk too stand...

Anon chats up Nellie (Denny's wife). Odd how Anon's streak mysteriously vanished...

Denny bonding with Anon and Anon and tinkerbell.

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