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Individual Stats - BrewCrewOldSkool

Total hours playing: 554.01
Last seen: Sat May 25 11:47:01 2024
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2023-12-01
Elo: 2089.223
Announcements: Off

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Variants Played

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
9x12024-05-2511387541771762.07%10:34 2.615h 19m
7x52024-05-2524727877432257246294.41%05:50 17.53d 4h 35m
8x42024-05-253117450049111333110398.20%04:15 50.01d 11h 30m
13x02024-05-2560671861801121606796.77%02:47 26.68h 39m
7x42024-05-25234316291113423492.09%05:07 12.21d 2h 59m
8x32024-05-25666690883320121297.78%05:16 30.07h 54m
9x22024-05-25158602576125615895.68%05:43 22.32d 9h 25m
10x22024-05-2467761160115700136666599.74%03:44 290.03d 0h 26m
11x12024-05-242115997095100682115998.04%04:32 48.53d 1h 17m
12x02024-05-24341333308002934192.49%04:04 12.822h 39m
9x32024-05-248348179117770088834899.22%03:58 119.44d 22h 29m
10x12024-05-08046193184003004695.34%06:43 19.321h 37m
6x62024-05-07427131123001842793.89%06:11 14.613h 31m
11x02024-04-270103125001001080.65%06:53 4.43h 33m

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