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Individual Stats - GoAdoptADog!

Total hours playing: 134.42
Last seen: Fri Dec 1 05:56:23 2023
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2023-09-14
Elo: 1701.617
Announcements: Off

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Variants Played

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
11x12023-12-010512452280125105193.06%03:44 13.615h 15m
13x0W2023-11-307319488002373193.62%03:30 13.45h 29m
8x62023-11-30111100111100.00%02:48 1.00h 2m
9x62023-11-30111100111100.00%02:04 1.00h 2m
8x42023-11-30143174155004314389.08%03:03 8.78h 53m
11x1W2023-11-30036172164003603695.35%02:42 19.17h 44m
9x52023-11-29125548110510990026212554899.46%02:12 157.91d 16h 44m
6x72023-11-280244742001702489.36%03:40 7.82h 53m
5x92023-11-2823310094003323394.00%02:43 14.34h 32m
12x1W2023-11-28121212120081212100.00%02:07 12.00h 25m
9x2W2023-11-235915140085993.33%03:07 7.50h 46m
8x02023-11-230020000000.00%0h 1m
5x8W2023-11-220128561001201271.76%03:00 3.44h 15m
13x02023-11-160328480002303295.24%03:40 16.85h 8m
8x32023-11-110116748001101171.64%02:59 3.43h 20m
8x3W2023-11-11222200222100.00%01:47 2.00h 3m
7x52023-11-080256458002502590.62%02:35 9.12h 46m
9x32023-11-02743217205004374394.47%02:42 16.79h 46m
10x12023-10-30010393000501076.92%04:12 3.92h 44m
7x32023-10-2905146610050541.78%03:43 1.79h 3m
7x42023-10-2911210011150.00%02:39 1.00h 5m
10x1W2023-10-230163125001601680.65%04:27 4.42h 18m
12x12023-10-23111100111100.00%01:30 1.00h 1m
6x5W2023-10-2312630021250.00%05:11 1.50h 31m
9x12023-10-230379340030343.04%05:14 1.76h 53m
5x62023-10-140020000000.00%0h 3m
7x4W2023-10-08061070050670.00%02:27 2.50h 24m
4x10W2023-09-140010000000.00%0h 7m

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