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Individual Stats - MCAFS

Total hours playing: 2821.85
Last seen: Thu Jan 21 17:00:45 2021
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2004-08-14
Elo: 1650
Announcements: On

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
8x42021-01-21703643988438411151550707096.30%04:14 27.13m 27d 13h 39m
9x22010-11-1811110010050.00%02:21 1.00h 2m
9x52010-10-1366660010085.71%01:38 6.00h 9m

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