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Individual Stats - Oumuamua

Total hours playing: 598.88
Last seen: Sat Jan 16 15:18:18 2021
Game in progress: Yes
Create date: 2018-05-13
Elo: 1638
Announcements: On

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
13x0W2021-01-1611731212379120497712911711797.33%02:31 37.421d 16h 25m
12x12021-01-16254167664425252597.06%02:25 33.52h 42m
7x42021-01-165755363353364.29%03:18 2.83h 1m
13x02021-01-16619716566146990.28%02:29 10.12h 57m
10x62021-01-16175175175175181875303099.43%00:56 175.02h 46m
9x52021-01-1530382443441001009999.32%01:28 147.710h 53m
8x42021-01-1510559959170042101092.07%02:26 12.61d 16h 21m
7x4W2021-01-150866490080873.13%03:02 3.73h 20m
6x5W2021-01-150853340080862.96%02:57 2.62h 36m
5x8W2021-01-1501620010128.57%02:13 1.20h 13m
4x10W2021-01-150924160070264.00%02:57 2.71h 11m
12x1W2021-01-15404040400011191997.56%01:52 40.01h 14m
9x32020-12-23028323000250090.91%02:18 10.71h 13m
9x22020-11-050010000000.00%0h 2m
10x32020-06-063030303000300096.77%01:49 30.00h 54m
7x52020-05-03050978900500090.82%03:03 10.84h 57m

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