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Individual Stats - differentDay

Total hours playing: 1916.28
Last seen: Mon Jun 24 10:26:22 2024
Game in progress: No
Create date: 2019-05-01
Elo: 1970.797
Announcements: Off

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Variants Played

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GameLastStreakBest StreakPlaysWinsDailyTodayBest DailyYearlyBest YearlyWin%Avg. TimeAvg. StreakTotal Time
6x72024-06-2424322101991125243294.76%04:29 17.515h 42m
13x02024-06-24889819968192432245889896.37%03:26 27.51m 17d 20h 1m
7x62024-06-2370742792750020707098.57%03:48 55.817h 40m
8x52024-06-221204478178140012512024799.63%03:03 204.21d 17h 32m
12x12024-06-21130218482480005013013299.59%03:35 160.71d 4h 54m
11x22024-06-205305305305300040285285100.00%03:07 530.01d 3h 35m
9x42024-06-19560560649648002831531599.85%02:40 324.51d 5h 1m
10x32024-06-186506506506500020295295100.00%02:51 650.01d 6h 56m
5x82024-06-14633807400561392.50%06:15 11.48h 20m
10x22024-04-25367316916700201198.82%03:09 56.38h 55m
8x42024-04-04391199698938200503396.74%02:47 30.618d 19h 30m
10x62024-03-11111100111100.00%01:28 1.00h 1m
11x32024-01-301001001001000050100100100.00%02:14 100.03h 44m
9x32023-12-02529318218000200098.90%03:19 60.710h 6m
13x0W2023-10-18116091890600250098.69%03:45 70.62d 9h 36m
13x12023-02-0110015425525400300099.61%02:31 127.510h 41m
7x72022-08-29109422121700800098.19%02:54 44.210h 41m
11x12022-07-2839393939001000100.00%03:51 39.02h 30m
7x52022-05-18555500500100.00%03:12 5.00h 16m
12x02021-08-0810151019000140089.11%04:26 8.47h 28m
4x102020-11-1407870030087.50%05:17 4.00h 42m
5x8W2020-11-08222200200100.00%03:54 2.00h 7m
9x52020-07-19110110110110003500100.00%02:10 110.03h 58m
4x800010000000.00%0h 7m

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