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Subject: Never won winnables!

Date: Wed Feb 14 22:12:57 2024
User: GoAdoptADog!

What do blank posts mean?

Date: Thu Feb 15 22:06:09 2024
User: Ellie2

It was only lost twice, but still...

Game:7x4 18421-10
Game stats:3/1/33.3%/1819
 Player Elo:2278.287  0.533.

Date: Mon Feb 19 06:16:55 2024
User: Ellie2

Wow, this was a surprise! 

Game: 10x1 14159-10
Game stats: 19/1/5.3%/1585
   Player Elo: 2256.491  0.165.     Not a very good Elo reward, imo!

Date: Sat Feb 24 06:25:03 2024
User: BrewCrewOldSkool
2/246:0910x1 16950-7Streak13:39Won25%168014

accurate rating, I think...

Date: Tue Feb 27 13:44:33 2024
User: TitanicTony

Game: W6x5 24828-10;....  Game stats: 20/1/5%/2264;....  Player Elo: 2310.536 ▲ 3.548.

Date: Wed Feb 28 18:53:02 2024
User: Ellie2

        Game: 7x5 30702-8
Game stats: 3/1/33.3%/1568
  Player Elo: 2242.791 ▲ 0.162.

Date: Mon Apr 1 17:37:05 2024
User: Ellie2

        Game: 7x3 25043-5;
Game stats: 32/1/3.1%/1761;
  Player Elo: 2243.043 ▲ 0.472.

Right, red, THAT is a terrible 'Elo' score, imo!

Date: Thu Apr 4 01:11:27 2024
User: sebcbien2
very close at first try so a second try was necessary
You Win
Game:9x0 16532-5
Game stats:26/1/3.8%

Date: Fri Apr 5 17:52:44 2024
User: durona
Game:7x3 12734-6
Game stats:41/1/2.4%
 One of the most difficulty deals I ever had. With a huge amount of luck I found a solution after about 20 tries. But I needed another 20 tries to reproduce the solution. What do you think: Is it really such a hard deal? Or is it just hard for me?

Date: Fri Apr 5 19:16:20 2024
User: outskirts

Got it first try. Either it's not really that hard, or I was lucky, or maybe I'm just good. But thanks for the fun challenge. 

Took 12 minutes

Game:7x3 12734-6
Game stats:42/2/4.8%

Date: Sat Apr 6 06:27:51 2024
User: durona

Congrats, outskirts. Either I missed a better path or you are just a better solver 🙂

Date: Sat Apr 6 08:04:10 2024
User: outskirts

Well there were 1000 ways to go on that one, with twists and turns and side streets everywhere! And I take my time. It was a fun one. I'd like to see the good top players try it out! 

Date: Tue Apr 9 15:04:28 2024
User: Ellie2

        Game: 10x0 22096-5;
Game stats: 21/1/4.8%/2125;
  Player Elo: 2236.972 ▲ 2.816.

Date: Fri Apr 12 14:11:14 2024
User: Uberman

Just played two 9x1s, which both took an identical time of 10:33. First one was 36/1 after I'd played it, and the second was 35/25, but they both seemed equally difficult to me. This game can be pretty humbling at times!

Date: Fri Apr 19 13:10:33 2024
User: outskirts

Got this second try because it looked winnable to me

You Win

Game: 10x1 3915-8

Game stats: 8/1/12.5%

Date: Mon Apr 22 07:35:33 2024
User: Ellie2

         Game: 7x4 16238-10;

Game stats: 5/1/20%/1870;

  Player Elo: 2237.973 ▲ 0.865.

Date: Tue Apr 23 07:48:54 2024
User: Ellie2

Gosh, another one already:

         Game: 5x6 28444-5;
Game stats: 5/1/20%/1930;
  Player Elo: 2243.084 ▲ 1.147.

Date: Thu Apr 25 13:21:01 2024
User: outskirts

Won my first 11x0 played today in custom mode 

Game: 11x0 19393-8

Game stats: 4/1/25%/1693

Date: Thu Apr 25 14:45:05 2024
User: outskirts

Game: 11x0 30446-8

Game stats: 6/1/16.7%/1693


Date: Thu Apr 25 18:47:58 2024
User: rbw--3

This didn't seem too hard. I sent a lot of one suit home. Maybe the other 3 didn't try that:

7x4 20995-7Streak3:53Won25%170814

Date: Fri Apr 26 19:21:26 2024
User: outskirts

Won on 2nd try cuz it looked winnable 

Game: 11x0 25611-8

Game stats: 6/1/16.7%

Date: Fri Apr 26 19:34:15 2024
User: outskirts

Game: 11x0 29655-8

Game stats: 14/1/7.1%/1686

Date: Sat Apr 27 03:15:01 2024
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post

Altho it's not normal to list a game here with only 2 (now) plays, I'm kinda proud of this one just now in the SSC:

11x0 6938-6 


Considerable funk, but also considerable fun.

Date: Fri May 3 20:27:13 2024
User: TitanicTony

This one took me nearly 2 hours:

Game: 11x0 26940-5;..... Game stats: 38/1/2.6%/2110;..... Player Elo: 2301.978 ▲ 2.030.

Date: Thu May 9 12:27:49 2024
User: Ellie2

I messed up the play on this one, and as I stared at it in utter dispair, I suddenly realized that there might still be another (obscure) solution.  And sure enough, after about 40 more moves, there it was.  Whew, whew, whew,🙂!

W7x4 1740-10
Game stats: 
Player Elo: 
2234.740  0.554.

This editor is HORRIBLE, imo!!!!

There's apparently stuff I can't see.

It seems to think almost everything is misspelled, and I can't even delete unnecessary blank lines!

Date: Thu May 9 16:31:09 2024
User: cellmate

shift-enter may help

using enter

after the enter

using shift-enter
after the shift-enter

Date: Sun May 12 11:33:58 2024
User: TitanicTony

Game: 7x3 11906-5;.... Game stats: 42/1/2.4%/1801;.... Player Elo: 2309.546 ▲ 0.409.

Gee, 0.409 isn't much of a reward.  I wonder why???

In a post 9 days ago (Fri May 3 20:27:13 2024), I got 2.03!

Date: Mon May 20 00:22:00 2024
User: GoAdoptADog!
You Win
Game:6x4 15418-5
Game stats:69/1/1.4%/2310
Player Elo:1731.712  7.746

A pleasant surprise, considering I banged up my elo by loss of over 200 pts the last few times I played daily competitions. 

Ps-Tony, re: your above post, that does seem crazy small elo for 1 in 42! 

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