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Subject: Seldom won winnable games.

Date: Fri Sep 15 14:59:48 2023
User: rbw--4

Another oddly low ELO:

8x4 26216-11HotStreak3:19Won11.1%1654218

Date: Sat Sep 16 06:47:22 2023
User: TitanicTony

Game: 9x1 24111-5; ..... Game stats: 39/4/10.3%/1952; ..... Player Elo: 2350.102 ▲ 0.740.

Date: Sat Sep 16 14:54:03 2023
User: sebcbien2
9x1 15000-5Streak12:58Won6.8%2053344

Date: Sun Sep 17 16:15:11 2023
User: Ellie2

Game: 5x5 16719-5; ..... Game stats: 8/2/25%/1992; ..... Player Elo: 2273.766 ▲ 1.335.

Date: Sun Sep 17 18:42:54 2023
User: firenze

You know it's winnable.  You use a deck of cards.  You keep trying until you win it. What's so hard about that?

Now, if you won it using just your brain on the first try, that would be worthy of note.

Actually, if you won it on the first try using the deck of cards, that would also be worthy of note.

Date: Wed Sep 20 20:36:30 2023
User: roo

This game was all but lost - just moving cards around when a column to be cleared presented itself!

9/2020:2812x0 16683-5Streak11:46Won12.5%1832540

Date: Thu Sep 21 13:45:46 2023
User: Ellie2

Game: 10x0 19498-5; ..... Game stats: 22/3/13.6%/1951; ..... Player Elo: 2270.035 ▲ 1.110.

Date: Thu Sep 21 15:12:00 2023
User: TNmountainman

"You know it's winnable.  You use a deck of cards.  You keep trying until you win it. What's so hard about that?

Now, if you won it using just your brain on the first try, that would be worthy of note.

Actually, if you won it on the first try using the deck of cards, that would also be worthy of note."

   --   firenze, 2023

Date: Thu Sep 21 16:26:26 2023
User: Ellie2

Golly, gosh, 2-in-a-row!

Game: 10x0 1364-5; ..... Game stats: 25/2/8%/2054; ..... Player Elo: 2271.840 ▲ 1.805.

Date: Fri Sep 22 01:33:31 2023
User: roo

Let's make it a hat trick Ellie!

Game:10x0 18288-5
Game stats:16/2/12.5%/1980
Player Elo:1847.524  5.565

Date: Fri Sep 22 01:42:38 2023
User: kangaroo

Consecutive games, Ellie - Snap!!

9/221:3910x0 23456-5Streak4:08Won22.2%1851418
9/221:2910x0 18288-5Streak3:57Won12.5%1979216

Date: Fri Sep 22 05:00:02 2023
User: Ellie2

"Snap!!" indeed.  Well done kangaroo.

AND, congratulations on leading the 12-sum yearly standings (3,442,685, kangaroo) !

Date: Sun Sep 24 17:59:35 2023
User: LadeniusM

Sundays Freakout 1200

7x3 5290-7

55 plays, 2 wins. It was proven winnable behoren the tournament, I think 40-1

It bugged me since then. Finally  foundation the exact route.

Congrats to arch1 winning the Freakout 

Date: Fri Sep 29 14:24:22 2023
User: sebcbien2
Game:11x0 27843-5
Game stats:35/3/8.6%/1937

starting to include some 11x0 but result depends on my mind state, today seems okay !

Date: Fri Sep 29 19:30:24 2023
User: roo

From Ellie2, Sep 22

AND, congratulations on leading the 12-sum yearly standings (3,442,685, kangaroo) !

I see you're mounting a challenge Ellie, up to 1.8 million. I'll have to keep an eye on you!!

Date: Sat Sep 30 07:16:00 2023
User: TitanicTony

Game: 6x5 10981-8
Game stats: 29/2/6.9%/1784
Player Elo: 2347.015 ▲ 0.302.

▲ 0.302 seems a bit meagre!?

Date: Sat Sep 30 14:49:16 2023
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post
6x5 6742-5


Just didn't seem *that* stinky.

Date: Sun Oct 8 05:06:11 2023
User: roo

This was a surprise! I was thinking 50%.

Game:11x0 913-5
Game stats:45/3/6.7%/1994
Player Elo:1854.422  5.639

Date: Thu Oct 19 02:27:45 2023
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post

Pretty stinky, but fun.  Requires care:

10x0-5: 12885  [significant detail added thanks to roo]


Date: Thu Oct 19 02:40:46 2023
User: roo

For the record in case a future archaeologist wants to know the game number: it was 10x0 12885-5.

Date: Thu Oct 19 02:44:05 2023
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post

Thanks much, roo.  Since "the change", I struggle with copy-and-paste of the stats. 

Date: Sat Oct 28 13:14:08 2023
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post

Whoa.  This one shocked me completely.  Just didn't detect any olfactory offense whatsoever.

7x3 28558-5
Game stats:34/2/5.9%/1707

Date: Sun Oct 29 09:57:53 2023
User: sebcbien2

it worth some thinking

Game:11x0 8389-5
Game stats:49/4/8.2%/1968


Date: Thu Nov 9 13:32:14 2023
User: Ellie2

Wow, a very nice game to win!

         Game: 6x4 30889-5;
Game stats: 67/2/3%/2174;
  Player Elo: 2299.998 ▲ 2.669,, 🙂.!!

Date: Sun Nov 12 02:57:57 2023
User: sebcbien2

quite unusual for a 13x0

Game:13x0 8740-6
Game stats:159/13/8.2%/1921


Date: Mon Nov 13 07:06:07 2023
User: Ellie2

        Game: 7x3 23690-5
Game stats: 41/3/7.3%/1721
  Player Elo: 2309.734 ▲ 0.261.

Date: Mon Nov 13 11:42:00 2023
User: Ellie2

Gee, another difficult game:

        Game: 7x3 9435-5
Game stats: 76/4/5.3%/1798
  Player Elo: 2310.146 ▲ 0.400.

Date: Mon Nov 13 15:17:47 2023
User: Ellie2

Ouch, 3 in one day:

        Game: 7x3 28534-5
Game stats: 44/3/6.8%/1726
  Player Elo: 2310.447 ▲ 0.269.

Date: Thu Nov 30 12:49:55 2023
User: TitanicTony

First I lose one (6x5 6642-8), and then I get this one:

        Game: 6x5 13301-5
Game stats: 81/3/3.7%/2125
  Player Elo: 2309.171 ▲ 2.093.

Date: Tue Dec 12 00:12:46 2023
User: smelly_cootiefied_fence_post

Whoa.......  I knew the stats on this one wouldn't be high, but the degree surprised me.  Intricate, with a complex nose:

12x0 6494-5


Date: Thu Dec 14 16:24:14 2023
User: Ellie2

 Nice game:  Game: 6x4 14854-5
Game stats: 67/2/3%/2190
  Player Elo: 2322.056 ▲ 2.604.

Date: Sat Dec 16 06:50:11 2023
User: GoAdoptADog!
Game:10x1 64-8
Game stats:19/2/10.5%/1857
Player Elo:1710.517  5.702

*hooray for these 10x1s helping my elo so much this morn! 

Game:10x1 29418-8
Game stats:10/4/40%/1634
Player Elo:1724.351  3.052

Date: Sat Dec 16 10:57:29 2023
User: GoAdoptADog!
Game:10x1 12740-8
Game stats:21/7/33.3%/1678
Player Elo:1736.891  3.407

Game:10x1 31639-8
Game stats:75/27/36%/1662
Player Elo:1740.076  3.184

(..shortly after this tho, I took a nosedive playing the much easier 10 x2s for Sat’s competition. Sped through them thinking they were no big, but each loss from some dumb mistake cost me like 7 elo bc of how seldom lost they are, and I think I lost like 4x, Blaurgh! And today, back to playing 10x1s, I haven’t hit hardly one that pays over 2 points, but yday most did?¿ )

Date: Sun Dec 17 16:07:47 2023
User: Lindyhopper_Agame

This is only 1/1, so its not like most of the games posted here.  But I found it to be, at least for me, one of the hardest and least intuitive games that I have played in a long time, so I decided to post it.  The 22 min is way off; I took a screen shot and looked at it for hours over 2 days, and then stopped part way through and looked at it some more.

With apologies to Sherlock Homes:

When you can see the obvious plays don't work, then one of the non-obvious plays, no matter how improbable, could be the right play.

Date: Mon Dec 18 01:14:45 2023
User: Kaos


You aren’t the first to quote Sir Arthur Conan Doyle for help in solving hard games.  His advice is definitely one of the best techniques for cracking seemingly impossible games.  FWIW, the all-time leader in Master’s victories, WRAC, was the master at Sherlocking his way to solving a hard game this way. I’ve also used it to great success.  Interesting that you say it’s not intuitive.  It’s always seemed intuitive to me and I’m guessing it was always intuitive to WRAC as well.

Date: Tue Dec 19 15:30:46 2023
User: TitanicTony

        Game: 10x0 10998-5
Game stats: 27/3/11.1%/1991
  Player Elo: 2307.924 ▲ 1.122.

Date: Fri Dec 22 06:27:02 2023
User: GoAdoptADog!
Game:W10x1 7245-5
Game stats:79/7/8.9%/1943
Player Elo:1718.511  6.376


Date: Fri Dec 22 10:04:02 2023
User: cellmate

Sherlocking? Or "you always find the solution in the last place that you look"

Cute Sherlock joke

Date: Wed Dec 27 17:56:56 2023
User: Ellie2

        Game: W9x2 24415-6
Game stats: 9/2/22.2%/1750
  Player Elo: 2325.501 ▲ 0.283.

Date: Thu Dec 28 03:04:13 2023
User: roo

And now for something completely different

Game:11x0 23132-5
Game stats:31/31/100%/1205
Player Elo:1802.210  0.250

Date: Thu Dec 28 06:27:36 2023
User: Ellie2

        Game: 10x0 19231-5
Game stats: 29/2/6.9%/2071
  Player Elo: 2327.030 ▲ 1.510.

Date: Mon Jan 1 08:09:22 2024
User: Ellie2

Wow, this one was a happy surprise:

        Game: 6x4 28685-5
Game stats: 65/3/4.6%/2071
  Player Elo: 2325.371 ▲ 1.526.

Date: Thu Jan 4 06:45:02 2024
User: Ellie2

I thought this one was fairly easy -- only 38 moves:

        Game: 10x0 6330-5
Game stats:  31/4/12.9%/1957
  Player Elo: 2339.460 ▲ 0.803.

10-sum players are usually pretty careful, imo.  Maybe it was played in a tournament?

Date: Thu Jan 4 20:11:30 2024
User: Sonja

Just won 8x4 3741-7, a 12.9% game, it was challenging but I was surprised when I saw the low percent! I'm not sure if that's the lowest percent game I've won, but must be close.

Date: Thu Jan 4 21:35:28 2024
User: roo

Piece of the proverbial! 33/108 moves.

I noted your time was 6:32 Ellie.

Armed with the knowledge that it was winnable I played it as a tournament game. I doubt it's been in one though.

Game:10x0 6330-5
Game stats:32/5/15.6%
Player Elo:n/a

Date: Fri Jan 5 05:21:05 2024
User: Ellie2

Bravo, roo!  5 fewer moves, and MUCH faster,,🙂!!!

Date: Sat Jan 6 03:51:58 2024
User: Ellie2

        Game: 12x0 29138-6
Game stats: 11/2/18.2%/1755
  Player Elo: 2341.106 ▲ 0.266.

Date: Mon Jan 8 17:01:49 2024
User: kangaroo

Nice to solve a 15% 13x0 in a comp.

Game:13x0 27401-6
Game stats:171/26/15.2%/1813
Player Elo:1803.773  4.207

Date: Mon Jan 8 18:28:02 2024
User: sebcbien2

nice one roo

i had this one, but I probably missed all the fun of it

13x0 16969-7Streak1:03Won48.9%

Date: Sat Jan 13 16:37:57 2024
User: Ellie2

        Game: 9x2 23544-9
Game stats: 15/2/13.3%/1864
  Player Elo: 2331.388 ▲ 0.511.

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