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Tournament Results -

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Current U.S. Eastern time: Tue Oct 22 04:25.

Start time: Tue Oct 22 04:00 End time: Tue Oct 22 04:25

Rank Player Games Won Finish Time

Tournament Game Stats

# Game Wins
1:13x0 19496-104
2:8x4 8444-82
3:8x4 16317-91
4:8x4 10295-103
5:8x4 9745-104
6:9x5 15901-64
7:8x4 14642-93
8:10x6 3463-83
9:8x4 17425-104
10:8x4 20076-73
11:8x4 5404-83
12:8x4 291-62
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