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Current: Sat Feb 24 23:32           Start: 23:30   End: 23:55   In progress...

Rank Player Games Won Finish Time

Tournament Game Stats

Note: game numbers and stats will be shown when tournament is finished
# Game Wins Plays Wins % Elo
1.5x10 xxxxx-11
2.5x10 xxxxx-20
3.5x10 xxxxx-30
4.5x10 xxxxx-40
5.5x10 xxxxx-50
6.5x10 xxxxx-60
7.5x10 xxxxx-70
8.5x10 xxxxx-80
9.5x10 xxxxx-90
10.5x10 xxxxx-100
11.5x10 xxxxx-110
12.5x10 xxxxx-120
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