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Tournament Schedule

We have a wide variety of tournament themes, some with very cute names. Here's what you can expect:

Name Short Name Description
Quickie Quickie An easy mix of games, predominantly the familiar 8x4 format, but with a few other variants thrown in to spice things up a bit.
Speedster Speedster A fast, really easy mix of games to be played very quickly.
Threat Threat A wicked mix of harder variants.
Classic Wide Wide A mix which includes wider format games such as 4x10 and 13x0, not as easy as the Monday speed games, but still pretty easy overall.
Traditional Traditional The same mix of games you'll see in Masters Tournaments
Freakout Freakout Also known as WRAC's Revenge, this super hard mix probably contains more than a few unwinnable ones
Potluck Potluck A wide mix of varying difficulty levels
Masters Prep Prep These are 2 hour tournaments, 32 games apiece, with the same mix of games you'll see in the Sunday Master's Tournament.
Masters Masters 48 games representing each of the long themes in 115 minutes. The winner is truly a Master!
Wide Open WideOpen mabb finally gets her 10x1s
Narrow Straits Narrow Often difficult navigation through narrow (4-7 column) waters
Standard Stuff Standard All standard 8x4s
Super Quickie Super A VERY easy mix
Zany Zero Zany All games with no free cells!
Elevens Elevens From 11x0 to 4x7, all the 11-sum variants
All-in-One All-in-One An entire tournament of one variant, randomly selected at tournament start time
Mini Mini Quick versions of some of our longer themes
Quartets Quartets Solve 4 games each with 4 different number of free cells, blind
Lightning Lightning 12 easy games in 10 minutes
Spelunker Spelunker This cave crawl features 16 moderate-to-tough games in 85 minutes, all blind
Skeet Shooting Skeet 24 moderate games with a few possible toughies in 55 minutes. One shot at each!
Twelve of a Kind Twelve One game played at 12 different difficulty levels. 25 minutes. Deadly, but not blind.
Streaker Streaker 12 blind and deadly games in 25 minutes from the most popular streaking variants.
Australian Open Australian Same mix as the Masters, but Deadly.
British Open British Same mix as the Masters, but Blind and Deadly.
US Open USOpen Same mix as the Masters, but Blind

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