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NFL Playoff ContestJan 22 02:44Snowguyhuffy50
Never won winnables!Jan 20 23:00TitanicTonyDr.Bombay295
Possible NFL contest.Jan 20 14:47SnowguySnowguy137
KIVA, againJan 18 12:15SnowguyFairyGrandma2
12-Sum Streak RankingsJan 15 11:02joeygrayjoeygray7
11-Sum Streak RankingsJan 15 11:00joeygrayjoeygray4
Recent sports odditiesJan 15 08:55SnowguyBuzzClik93
a web page I could not help but makeJan 12 13:12ffej2ffejTNmountainman14
freezing up?Jan 6 20:26lambchopPunster8
Tough 9X3 dealJan 6 10:07Turpin827Turpin8270
Missing stat recordsJan 5 10:23beverleybeverley2
lifetime membership?Jan 4 13:56damgudPunster1
All right kenwa you are making me sweat!Jan 3 01:49calicokidkenwa1
Freakout winning all sixteenDec 31 14:35Dr.BombayDr.Bombay0
Masters - winning time and margin of victoryDec 30 16:12Dr.Bombaycalicokid3
12 sum streak rankingsDec 28 22:58joeygrayjoeygray167
11 Sum Streak RankingsDec 28 22:57joeygrayjoeygray87
The ZoneDec 28 10:56byronsmootjoeygray1
Overrated UnderatedDec 26 01:02Dr.Bombayredberet8
I see you have got faster calicokid!Dec 24 16:52kenwacalicokid12
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