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Super slowFeb 19 15:43kenwakenwa2
Never won winnables!Feb 19 15:22TitanicTonyix239
Indy Music in CommercialsFeb 19 11:28BuzzClikBuzzClik49
Interesting New MusicFeb 19 09:51BuzzClikBuzzClik320
hat that you took on Victorias porn adsFeb 19 05:46brendakmayoutskirts2
Super Bowl 51.Feb 14 16:56TitanicTonyginxie4
And a hello from LaffmanFeb 14 10:53Laffmanjoeygray1
You'll be missed SlowPokerFeb 14 01:49LaffmanKaos6
Kudos to Kaos on a perfect 36!Feb 13 22:16LightRiderKaos5
Losing contact with serverFeb 13 16:28BigflareRogerB4
Old PalsFeb 12 09:43SMIDDYquackisback15
MTMFeb 11 12:35SnowguyColt_McCoy5
Denny, IMPORTANT: please contact me:Feb 11 08:12WifeofBruceMayesWifeofBruceMayes0
Please contact me ASAP (regarding slow poker, Bruce)Feb 11 08:05WifeofBruceMayesWifeofBruceMayes0
How do we flag offensive usernames?Feb 10 19:48Stacked_DeckKatya5
Freakout 2/3/17Feb 8 00:28MastermindKaos2
More, different BIG science newsFeb 2 13:02TNmountainmanTNmountainman30
things i'm glad i knowFeb 2 08:53ixoutskirts15
easy to hardJan 28 21:50Dennyjoeygray14
That close the browser bug AGAINJan 26 09:49Goosey_Goosey...Goosey_Goosey...0
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