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DennyAug 20 03:23pipsterlightfield5
Statistical anomaly in baseballAug 19 12:33SnowguyTNmountainman219
12-Sum Streak RankingsAug 18 22:28joeygrayjamesblackbur...104
11-Sum Streak RankingsAug 17 23:49joeygrayjoeygray68
cardsAug 17 17:13AnonymousAnonymous0
NASA costs for Sun ventureAug 17 09:45Pineapplefrom...TNmountainman3
cinqo is backAug 17 09:44Sinister_Mini...Sinister_Mini...1
thanksAug 16 23:18BanGunskateblu20011
Negative time displayedAug 16 23:14GiantWomanjoeygray3
having trouble logging inAug 16 17:22Bonnard+meBonnard+me1
Security WarningAug 16 14:42Doug.FFairyGrandma17
Freecell certificate expired?Aug 16 13:03beverleyolblue12
KIva Team Freecell 10-year anniversaryAug 16 05:22Snowguylightfield3
More, different BIG science newsAug 15 15:46TNmountainmanTurpin82735
Active streak listsAug 14 13:52Turpin827joeygray1
chat popping upAug 14 12:47portgirlTNmountainman2
Stream of Consciousness: a thread that cannot be hijackedAug 14 10:25BuzzClikoutskirts250
Master of Winnables -- 2018.Aug 13 19:37TitanicTonycoffee128
Interesting New MusicAug 13 10:03BuzzClikBuzzClik332
Program loads smallAug 11 21:22drake1370809drake13708090
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