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https coming soonMar 5 18:08Dennyjamesblackbur...2
The Olympics we're missing...Mar 3 13:24TNmountainmanJackK201860
A difficult w10x1 game.Mar 2 20:09TitanicTonyKaos1
Unusual sports snippetsFeb 28 19:17SnowguySnowguy7
There was more more winnable game hiding in thereFeb 26 14:27KaosKaos5
11x0 flourishFeb 25 20:12ixKaos2
The system doesn't remember streaks -Feb 22 11:56putneygroupjamesblackbur...1
Olympic Judging RevisitedFeb 22 08:39raederleBuzzClik7
tough draw for 10x2 streakingFeb 18 13:52FlyingAppleKaos4
Best Rock n Roll Song by NationalityFeb 18 12:32KaosSMIDDY17
had some downtimeFeb 17 19:26DennyThe_Interpreter15
buying back freecell.comFeb 17 17:07DennyRogerB.15
Accomplishments -- 2018.Feb 16 17:10TitanicTonyjoeygray2
1,000Feb 16 01:54Turpin827HopDiriDiriDa...7
Not loading gameFeb 12 13:16RoddRodd1
KIVA, againFeb 11 16:38SnowguySnowguy4
Toughest winnablesFeb 7 11:01free@lastfree@last0
Does Cris Colinsworth have a man crush on Tom Brady?Feb 6 23:41Dr.BombayDr.Bombay9
NFL Playoff ContestFeb 5 20:48SnowguyCubicSprock56
chatFeb 1 15:52ginxiePunster3
Stats questionJan 30 18:18Raymone-of-Ba...Raymone-of-Ba...2
10x1 diff;6 6722 i just beat it!Jan 28 21:55Bonnard+meBonnard+me0
rESPECT??Jan 25 10:02A112233joeygray6
Possible NFL contest.Jan 20 14:47SnowguySnowguy137
a web page I could not help but makeJan 12 13:12ffej2ffejTNmountainman14
freezing up?Jan 6 20:26lambchopPunster8
Tough 9X3 dealJan 6 10:07Turpin827Turpin8270
Missing stat recordsJan 5 10:23beverleybeverley2
lifetime membership?Jan 4 13:56damgudPunster1
All right kenwa you are making me sweat!Jan 3 01:49calicokidkenwa1
Freakout winning all sixteenDec 31 14:35Dr.BombayDr.Bombay0
Masters - winning time and margin of victoryDec 30 16:12Dr.Bombaycalicokid3
12 sum streak rankingsDec 28 22:58joeygrayjoeygray167
11 Sum Streak RankingsDec 28 22:57joeygrayjoeygray87
The ZoneDec 28 10:56byronsmootjoeygray1
I see you have got faster calicokid!Dec 24 16:52kenwacalicokid12
BRAGGING ! ! !Dec 18 15:50TitanicTonyTitanicTony142
Obscure Christmas Music (obscure to me...)Dec 16 21:02BuzzClikBuzzClik102
7mile long rock near miss on earth app 4-7-10Dec 16 13:17clyonKlepp49
The next gameDec 16 01:37redberetredberet14
Does anyone know if there’s a bug in…Dec 12 22:14rebbacchusrebbacchus0
The OppositeDec 11 14:00byronsmootbyronsmoot10
Tournament ScheduleDec 9 10:17gdbcpagdbcpa0
Shazier et alDec 8 18:25joeygrayBuzzClik14
Denny: a request if feasibleDec 7 00:26joeygrayjoeygray6
Can someone explain thisDec 5 19:55pipsterjoeygray2
EthicsDec 2 18:04GTCharlieAhoghill13
Solved! 10x1:17619, diff 5, Have fun!Nov 29 14:39Bonnard+med1642803
Retention rateNov 28 16:30KeenaFlyingApple17
Does anyone know?Nov 25 00:36pipsterjoeygray8
cards not appearingNov 24 22:53lambchopPunster1
Indy Music in CommercialsNov 23 23:50BuzzClikBuzzClik51
Just beat a previously unbeaten game!Nov 23 19:50JackK2017Turpin8273
Kiva helping fill in missing countriesNov 22 22:27malrSnowguy2
My StoryNov 18 07:53sisususiTurpin82715
More, different BIG science newsNov 17 14:11TNmountainmanBonnard+me33
What's your favorite variant? And why?Nov 17 01:26free@lastBonnard+me22
Here is a fun one!, Yes: 10x1Nov 16 15:12Bonnard+meBonnard+me4
List of Players with the most top 5 best streaks.Nov 14 18:22TitanicTonyTurpin8272
Use of CardsNov 14 08:12grgaT1-T357
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